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Outsourcing Legal Work

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As companies search for new ways to compete while keeping their clients satisfied, more and more counsels have turned to outsourcing legal work. Traditionally, outsourcing means purchasing legal services in other countries like India and China, but companies can also hire personnel right here in the United States to manage their work and produce new value.

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What Is Considered Outsourcing?

Outsourcing, although long maligned and misunderstood, has actually gained overwhelming support in legal and financial communities as a smart cost-cutting method. The American Bar Association not only recognizes, but officially supports legal outsourcing, so long as it complies with lawyers’ ethical obligations.

Moreover, the Association of Corporate Counsel estimates that at least a third of Fortune 500 general counsels have hired legal operations managers in the last 10 years, accelerating acceptance of outsourcing’s merits. In addition, companies can choose to outsource their immigration services to attorneys who understand and facilitate the process.

That means they handle preparatory work like immigration paperwork, as well as:

  • Cutting down filing
  • Scheduling
  • And processing times

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Services?

Financial Benefits

When you outsource services to reliable attorneys, you can expect quite a few benefits. The first set is financial. Increased production cycles, reduced labor and time costs, and an optimized immigration cycle will free up funds to expand your business.

Technical Benefits

The second set is technical. With outside expertise comes reduced scheduling and processing times, along with more comprehensive research and language skills. The end result? You can dedicate more time to clients while maintaining a standard of high-quality services.

At World Wide Legal Services, we place your services in the hands of our qualified specialists on staff, as well as our consulting attorneys. We create efficiency by maximizing the effectiveness of our personnel and technology, and our office prioritizes close communication among all in-house personnel. Most of all, our interconnected corporate system means we manage your work as a proactive team effort.

We’ve partnered with dozens of businesses in the Northeast to ensure they not only comply with current immigration requirements but also expand their services and client base as a result. Let us work for you. To learn more about our outsourcing services, visit our enterprise services page.

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