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Shirley Maia-Cusick

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Shirley has worked for over 20 years in immigration and advisory services, as well as serving previously as an international lawyer, consultant, and immigration activist. At World Wide Legal Services, Shirley strives to make herself available to clients 24/7, creating strong relationships through clear communication and trilingual fluency in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Shirley supports clients with all things immigration, including attending in USCIS interviews, ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) visits or follow-ups, detention center visitations, interpreter and translation, case manager supporting clients with immigration fillings, and much more.

Why Choose WWLS?

  • We were established in 2008 and have handled over 10,000 cases.
  • We treat you and your case with the respect and attention it deserves.
  • We can assist you in different languages including Spanish & Portuguese.
  • We monitor our cases daily in order to keep them on track for the best results.