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Enforcing the Rights of Immigrants Everywhere

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will sometimes make unfavorable decisions that are patently inconsistent with presented evidence and documentation. In some frustrating circumstances, the agency may be making these decisions based on information you were not aware of.

Our Short Hills Freedom of Information Act consultants at Worldwide Legal Services advocate for the public’s right to transparent and accessible information about our government’s actions. We can help you exercise your rights and obtain a copy of your immigration file.

This valuable documentation and background information can help you anticipate and resolve potential obstacles when applying for naturalization and other immigration benefits. It can also assist with the preparation of an effective defense strategy in removal proceedings.

Get the crucial information you need with our help. Contact us online or call to learn more about how we can help enforce your rights. We offer our services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The Importance of Requesting Your Immigration File

USCIS officials use all available information when adjudicating immigration cases. Officials also often have a great deal of discretion when making decisions. This can result in frustrating scenarios where your application is denied despite your seemingly meeting all benefit requirements.

Requesting your immigration file through FOIA can help you understand and respond to how USCIS is making decisions about your requests.

For example, many immigration application processes involve attending a biometrics appointment that takes:

  • Your fingerprints
  • Eye scans
  • And photographs

These elements are used to conduct a background check. The results of this check can influence the outcome of your case. By obtaining and requesting your immigration file, you can review background check elements that may be preventing you from getting the benefits you need.

Your immigration file can also be leveraged to build a robust defense when you face removal. An FOIA request can allow you to access the evidence the government has and likely plans to use against you in immigration court.

The U.S. government is required to promptly provide your immigration file when appropriately requested. Procuring the information that you need and knowing how to interpret it can be extremely confusing if you do not know where to go or who to speak to.

How We Can Help

Our Short Hills Freedom of Information Act consultants at Worldwide Legal Services are extremely familiar with government systems and can efficiently request and analyze the pertinent records. We are committed to fighting for the rights of immigrants everywhere and will do everything possible to help you achieve your American Dream.

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